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Canada is one of the top countries those seeking international migration longs to visit and settle. There are so many wonderful, interesting and fascinating things about Canada and its people that makes it the most preferred country for those seeking greener pastures outside their home countries.
Canada is no doubt one the best countries to move to considering its ever growing economy, infrastructures and systems designed to give you the best even as a foreigner. Another beautiful and intriguing thing about Canada is how well foreigners are treated by its citizens and the government itself. The Canadian government has set up several programs that allow immigrant’s application and migration really fast and easy. To be eligible to qualify for any of the programs or be able to get your visa approved, it's advisable to know that Canada is looking for individuals with skills, talents and those who can contribute to the growth of the country, and help in solving problems that make things easy for the citizens. Canada has one of the fastest growing economies and this provides a lot of jobs for foreigners and also improves the internal Revenue and development of the country. Before taking that bold step and executing to make your dream of.migrating to canada become reality, there are several things you need to know. Once you have the right information, funding and skill set, it's only a matter of time and you will be having a beautiful experience working and living in Canada.
The basic thing you need is a skill set, visa and funds and when you have this sorted out, in weeks you will be in Canada. Let's start with the very basics so you get every important thing you need.

What is a Canadian visa?

I bet you've heard about visas before but somehow you can't say exactly why you need it. After you have made up your mind about migrating to Canada, having funds ready and deciding on how you intend to travel, visa application is the only thing between you and Canada. Canada is not the only country that requires a visa to allow certain immigrants into the country, hence visa is a necessity, without it you won't be able to enter Canada. Simply put a Canadian Visa is a permission given to you by the Canadian government to travel to the country legally to either stay permanently or temporarily. It is a stamp on your passport which allows you enter Canada for a specific period of time. Getting a Canadian visa simply means the Canadian consulate or Embassy in your home country found you eligible and has satisfied you OK to enter Canada. Despite getting a visa your entry into Canada is determined by the officer at the port of entry they have the power to deny you entry into Canada if your answers to his or her question is not considered honest and correct.

Types Of Canada Visa

There are different types of visas you can use to enter Canada as an international applicant. This means you must first know your aim of visiting Canada and that will guide you on the type of visa to apply for. There are different types of Canada visa, we have the visitor's visa,student visa, work visa, permanent residence visa,business immigrant visa and Express entry program. The temporary visa allows you to stay in Canada for a short period of time. This can be for either studies, medical visit,or tourism while the permanent residence visa allows you to stay in Canada permanently, this is also known as the immigrant visa.

Canada Visa Application

The Canada visa application process differs depending on the type of visa you want to apply for. With this step by step guide, you can apply for a Canadian Visa and once approved,you get to be in any of the bustling cities in Canada. Below are the required steps you need to take in order to process your visa application. After going through all the processes listed below, the next is to await the processing time and response too. If you did everything right then you definitely get an approval after the processing time.

Check For Eligibility:

One reason to start here is to be sure of your eligibility before spending money on visa application. Except you are from some of the countries that don't need a visa to enter Canada, it's highly advisable to start with the eligibility test. This test will inform you if you are eligible to travel to Canada or not. There are certain reasons why you cannot travel to Canada or even visit the country, this will be discussed in another post. The very first step is to visit the official Canadian website to take an eligibility test, this will tell you if you're eligible or not and also suggest to you the kind of visa to apply for. With the result and reference code that will be sent to you, you can go ahead with your visa application.

Create An Online Account

This can be done personally or you can contact a third party to help you with the application. To get started on your own just click on the Canadian official website There are two ways to create an account for the application, you can either use your online banking login since the Canadian government has partnered with many banks or Creating a government of Canada login (GCKey)

Compile The Document File

Once you log into your account which you must have created by now, Use your reference code to start your visa application. With the reference code entered, the system shows you a list of documents needed for your Canada visa application. Make sure to submit all the required documents or forms before proceeding to submit your application.

Pay The Fees

Once your forms and documents are duly submitted and recognized by the system, it will redirect you to a payment gateway where you pay for your Canada application fee. Once this is completed, your application will be submitted.

Wait For Your Visa Processing

Canada visa application takes 2 to 3 weeks depending on the type of visa you applied for. Sometimes it can even last a longer time. If there are needs for additional documents you will be notified, you may be required to submit your biometrics, this means you will have to visit a Canadian embassy in your country to have your fingerprints captured. You will also have to answer some questions from the embassy official. After your appointment the officer can tell you if your application was approved or the result can be sent later to your account. Check your account to monitor the status of your application.

Submit Your Passport and Processing Fee

Once you are notified of your visa approval, the next step is to submit your passport for stamping of visa alongside the processing fee. The fee must be paid by either cheque or money order. If you are not physically available, simply mail your passport to the embassy official, after stamping the visa he will also mail it back to you.
After a successful visa application you can now travel to Canada at any time before the visa expires with your flight ticket. On arriving in Canada, a Canadian officer will examine your passport and documents, ask you questions regarding why you are visiting Canada. Once you answer his questions honestly and correctly you will be allowed entry into Canada, note that your answer to questions asked by this officer at the port of entry is highly important because even with your visa and other documents if he feels you're not qualified to enter Canada you might as well be sent back. I believe with all you've read above, you can now say that Canada visa application is not that difficult. To avoid error of omitting certain important documents, kindly refer to an expert with visa processing to help you out.